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Pieces Of A Woman- An Un-Realised Potential

** Spoiler Alert ** The trailer for Pieces Of A Woman was very promising. Vanessa Kirby is an excellent actress, so is Ellen Burstyn. The topic is significant. Netflix is involved, Martin Scorsese was involved. I was looking forward to watching the movie and write my praises about the film and the cast and crew. […]

Pride Tag

Discrimination drives me crazy. Sometimes it’s towards women, sometimes it’s because of the color of someone’s skin, sometimes it’s about religion, and a lot of times, too many times, it’s about sexual preference. Don’t even get me started about homophobia! I can not understand, for the life of me, why someone thinks he or she […]

Post Conversation About Stillbirth

I took on new roles in my new path; all are very important. But I think one of the essential roles is talking about stillbirth with practitioners from various fields. I begin my talk/lecture/conversation with my own story and talk about the specific characteristics we will see in our clinic, with women who will tell […]

Windows To The Soul

Proper treatment can save lives. (Can I be more dramatic?! I think I could, yes, if I’ll give it more thought, but I think this is dramatic enough so I’ll move on) When do we seek help? Usually, this will happen when we feel our lives aren’t going in the direction we always imagined it […]

I Am Not A Hero

After my stillbirth, at the hospital, I remember the doctors saying I am a hero. When I went back home, my friends told me I am a hero. My brother told me that he sees me in a Wonder Woman suit, saying that I am a hero. I am not a hero. I never felt […]

Departing From Silence To Freedom

Years before I had my stillbirth with Ayelet, I went through sexual trauma. This trauma took over my life primarily through fear. Thanks to successful therapy sessions (which were at times also scary. And challenging. And exhausting. Sometimes it felt like it took me hundreds of years to go through it), I conquered fear and […]

Graves For Babies After Stillbirth

As I was in the delivery room, waiting for my stillbirth to begin, the medical team talked with us about burial. There were two options: a private burial or a mass grave. Ayelet was still inside me, two hours were between me and the horrible announcement that I lost my baby, and already a To-Do […]

The Rollercoaster of Emotions After Stillbirth

Stillbirth is a loss. We go through a real loss, even if society doesn’t always acknowledge our loss, as society never saw our baby. But we felt our babies grow and move inside us, totally present in our lives. Loss is known to everyone. I don’t know one person who hasn’t gone through a significant […]

The Faces and Names of Stillbirth

I went through stillbirth. It is not a source of shame. It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Stillbirth for me is a deep sadness I went through, and I can reconnect to it in a second. I choose not to do so. Instead, I choose to talk about stillbirth. It is the thing that will […]

Thus It Is Mother- After Stillbirth

Prof. Jacob Raz is a well-known author, speaker, and teacher of Buddhism. He wrote a book (in Hebrew), in which I found this, which brought me to tears. The original text talks about a father who seeks comfort with Buddha, but I changed it a little, to mother. I hope Prof. Jacob Raz will forgive […]