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Post Conversation About Stillbirth


I took on new roles in my new path; all are very important. But I think one of the essential roles is talking about stillbirth with practitioners from various fields. I begin my talk/lecture/conversation with

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Windows To The Soul


Proper treatment can save lives. (Can I be more dramatic?! I think I could, yes, if I'll give it more thought, but I think this is dramatic enough so I'll move on) When do we

Windows To The Soul2020-06-08T17:28:49+00:00

I Am Not A Hero


After my stillbirth, at the hospital, I remember the doctors saying I am a hero. When I went back home, my friends told me I am a hero. My brother told me that he sees

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Departing From Silence To Freedom


Years before I had my stillbirth with Ayelet, I went through sexual trauma. This trauma took over my life primarily through fear. Thanks to successful therapy sessions (which were at times also scary. And challenging.

Departing From Silence To Freedom2020-04-19T14:24:50+00:00

Graves For Babies After Stillbirth


As I was in the delivery room, waiting for my stillbirth to begin, the medical team talked with us about burial. There were two options: a private burial or a mass grave. Ayelet was still

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The Faces and Names of Stillbirth


I went through stillbirth. It is not a source of shame. It doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. Stillbirth for me is a deep sadness I went through, and I can reconnect to it in a

The Faces and Names of Stillbirth2020-03-09T08:39:33+00:00

Thus It Is Mother- After Stillbirth


Prof. Jacob Raz is a well-known author, speaker, and teacher of Buddhism. He wrote a book (in Hebrew), in which I found this, which brought me to tears. The original text talks about a father

Thus It Is Mother- After Stillbirth2020-02-09T11:31:03+00:00

Rainbow Pregnancy, Rainbow Baby


The first time I stumbled upon the terms "rainbow pregnancy" and "rainbow baby" was in March 2019, about eight and half years after my stillbirth. I don't feel very connected to these terms. Here's why:

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Talking About Stillbirth


On September 6th, 2010, I was on the 37th week and three days of my second pregnancy. I was feeling under the weather, so I spent most of the day in bed. That afternoon I

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