Lectures About Stillbirth

Stillbirth & After: sharing my personal story, offering insights and thoughts that helped me along the way towards healing.

A Conversation About Stillbirth: a lecture for practitioners of Complementary Medicine. In this lecture, I introduce two sides of stillbirth: a woman who has experienced stillbirth, and a practitioner who treats women after stillbirth. Together, we discuss the practitioner’s role in providing a safe, non-judgmental environment that allows women who have undergone stillbirth to feel comfortable and understood. We discuss how to provide this environment by offering an alternative to the current discussion about stillbirth, which we find to be limiting, belittling, and adds to the feeling of isolation women already feel. The new conversation allows the woman to feel the full range of emotion and, by doing so, encourages the process needed for recovery and healing.

If you’re interested in a lecture, please contact me.