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My name is Yael, and I went through stillbirth on September 6th, 2010. I was 37 weeks pregnant (and three days). Did you go through stillbirth too?
I am sorry for your loss.

I went through so much since my stillbirth. Some experiences had everything to do with the stillbirth and losing my baby girl. Others had no connection at all. Experiences filled with laughter, joy, love, hope alongside sadness, pain, and loss.
I think it’s called “life.”

I think there is hope after stillbirth. I know it’s hard to see it, particularly so close to the stillbirth. It becomes clear after a few weeks.
The need to laugh, love, be happy, go back to a full life. All these slowly flow back to the surface. None of these feelings come instead of the sadness and the loss. There’s no need to choose in my humble opinion. All these feelings come together.

I am with you, and I wish to offer you my story, hoping it will provide you with comfort and hope.
You are welcome to take just one part or two from this story. Take it all. But please know you are not alone dealing with this experience, with this ocean of sadness. You are not alone in your grief and your struggle.
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